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The Mustang STR hasn’t been built like they used to. It may look like a ’68 Mustang, but it doesn’t drive like one. The Mustang STR is built on a sub-frame and featuring a sophisticated front suspension, precise and confidence inspiring rack and pinion steering, it has power four-wheel diskbrakes and a powerful 420 bhp+ V8 engine with electronic fuel injection and electronic ignition.


V8 5.8L
351 Windsor High Performance


600 Nm


420 HP

The body and chassis of each vehicle is meticulously disassembled and restored to a like-new condition. After the interior is removed including all carpeting and wiring the entire vehicle is blasted down to bare metal. The vehicle is then primed using direct to metal primer before being sent to paint, following your wishes and desire.

The Mustang STR features a semi-automatic transmission, which facilitates easier gear shifts by removing the need to depress a clutch pedal at the same time as changing gears. But the driver's input is still required to launch the vehicle from a standstill and to manually change gears.

You select your vehicle interior’s colors, materials and finishes. We will create you an interior that bridges the gap between modern and classic design.

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While the styling of the ‘60s Mustang has stood the test of time, automotive technology has moved on. Today’s cars are an order of magnitude better than their 1960s counterparts in every way. In terms of performance, drivability, reliability, durability, comfort, safety, there really is no comparison.

Mustang STR Logo

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