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Project STR002

October 18th, 2021


Our new build we are debuting here is a ’67 Mustang and will be the STR002. After completing the ’68 Mustang STR001 which is a very desirable car with a more ‘Streetable character’, we wanted to build the STR002 with a little bit more ‘Rally temperament’.

We found a nice rustfree donor body to start with. It’s going to feature a V8 5.8L Ford 351 Windsor High Performance Motor, ready to produce 400+ Horsepower again and off course the complete Subframe Connection System from TCP. Naturally, we’ll be looking to make the STR as safe as we can with power brakes and power steering and much more to come. This Mustang will have a hydro brake as well, that will be the extra fun feature of the STR002. We’ve a lot of other sub-systems to figure out, but we’re sure you will like what we’ve planned.