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‘An Icon Reborn’

A Legend Remastered

The starting point of all achievement is Desire...

Desire is a strong feeling of wanting to achieve something. It also refers to the wish for something to happen.


‘What If?’

A new view on an existing challenge

It all started with one question…

What if, we could build a modern day driving iconic classic car, suitable for Street, Track and Rally adventures?

‘Get out and drive’

You get one life.
Live it in a way that it inspires someone.

Owning a Mustang STR…

Our top priority is to ensure an optimal experience with your Mustang STR. It is you, as an STR driver, who is our most important ambassador.

It all started with one question...

What if we could build a modern day driving iconic classic car, suitable for Street, Track and Rally adventures? Taking inspiration from the Mustang Shelby, using modern day technology and applying it to the '67/'68 Mustang Coupe making it better in every conceivable way, without harming the beautiful classic look of the iconic Mustang.

This is what inspired us to produce the STR program for the Mustang Coupe that we have now.

The aim was simple, take the handling, performance levels and qualities of today's cars and apply them to the '67/'68 Mustang Coupe. Utilizing modern day technology, that simply didn't exist in the 60's and redifine a legend.

An Icon Was Reborn

Custom Mustang STR interior

Custom Built

The Mustang STR hasn't been built like they used to. It may look like a '68 Mustang, but it doesn't drive like one. The STR is built on a sub- frame and featuring a sophisticated front suspension, precise and confidence inspiring rack and pinion steering. It has power four- wheel diskbrakes and a powerful 420 bhp + V8 engine with electronic ignition. While the styling of the '60s Mustang has stood the test of time, automotive technology has moved on.

Custom Mustang STR gear poke


To name a few...

  • 4.7 Liter, 420 bhp +

  • Electronic Fuel Injection

  • Stainless Steel Headers

  • TCP Subframe

  • Coil Over Suspension

  • Rack & Pinion Electronic Power Steering

  • Gearbox Tremec 5 speed semi-automatic B&M

  • Power disk brakes

  • Modern Air Conditioning

  • Custom Interior